Mobile Pet Grooming Services

We are a full-service mobile pet grooming service in Las Vegas. Your pet will be cared for within the comfort and security of your own home by a Certified Pet Groomer. All full pet grooming services are performed according to the needs of the specific breed. The full pet grooming service consists of the following:

  • Hair is removed from the ear canal and cleaned with a medicated cleanser
  • Nails are trimmed with an electric file for less stress
  • Anal glands are expressed
  • A gentle warm bath using quality shampoos (choice of allergenic, de-shed or basic premium)
  • Leave in conditioners are applied
  • Sanitary clip
  • Towel dry or blown dry or both depending on the pet
  • Dental gel is applied to the teeth (breaks up the plaque on the teeth)
  • Hair is clipped by a CERTIFIED GROOMER (ALL Styles/ALL Breeds)

Basic Bath Services for dogs start at $25. Cats are a flat $50 for a Full Grooming Service. Prices given over the phone are estimates ONLY. Once we have been given a chance to examine your pet, you will receive a firm quote for the services to be rendered. Prices will be determined by the size, weight, temperament of the pet, plus the requested services.

We cannot accept sick animals and all puppies must be current on their shots.

Request a mobile pet grooming appointment today.
Call 702-235-5579 or use our on-line form and we’ll call you back.

Mobile Pet Grooming Service Area

There are No Travel Charges to our normal service areas (shaded area on map). If you live outside of the normal service area, there is an additional $15 travel charge. Please call for availability.

Mobile pet grooming service area

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