Certified Mobile Pet Grooming in Las Vegas

Looking for a mobile pet grooming service in Las Vegas for your dog or cat? BJ’s Groom & Zoom will come to your home and make your pet look and feel fantastic.

BJ's Groom & Zoom

BJ’s Groom & Zoom has been operating a mobile pet grooming service in Las Vegas for over 9 years. We are Certified Pet Groomers specializing in cat grooming and older pets. Your cat or older pet that is typically uncomfortable with grooming and strangers will feel right at home with our gentle service.

"The Gentle Bath for Older Dogs and Cats"

Mobile Pet Grooming Services Offered

A full-service pet salon by a Certified Pet Groomer within the comfort and security of your own home. All mobile pet grooming services are performed according to the needs of the specific breed. Basic Bath Services for dogs start at $25. Cats are a flat $50 for a Full Grooming Service. [more mobile pet grooming service details...]

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